PGHDNA - Our Story

DNA is the code that makes every person unique.  Essentially, DNA makes you - you!

And being a part of our wonderful city of Pittsburgh is also in our DNA – it’s our PGHDNA. 

I had a PGHDNA moment looking at pictures of my daughter sliding down the Blue Slide.  I remembered her climbing up the hill and then sliding down, again and again.  Of course, no slide ride is complete without the requisite cardboard underneath! 

I loved going to the Blue Slide park with my daughter because I went there as a kid with my parents – and did the same thing – climbed up the hill and slid down the Blue Slide, again and again.  What a Pittsburgh moment!

We’re a proud and stubborn town that gets back up when we’re down…yes, we have championships we love to remind others of and yes, we put French fries on our sandwiches and salads, and we have our own take on the English language.  I wanted to let others ‘in’ on the many traditions and customs of our neighborhoods and landmarks of our amazing city … but there is much, much more.

So, PGHDNA is about sharing our unique ‘code’ with the universe.  Our quality T-shirts are a wonderful palette on which we create “the fabric of the ‘Burgh” experience. 

From our logo’d shirts that anyone would be proud to wear to our specially developed themed shirts, we take great care to capture the DNA of Pittsburgh in our intricate designs.  Our goal is to celebrate our beautiful, wonderful and distinct city with others, whether you’re a native or a transplant, relocated elsewhere or just “wish” you had a connection with the ‘Burgh!  YOU’RE IN!

Explore our designs and find a unique PGHDNA code to wear and share.  We’re adding to our collection all the time so be sure to visit us often.  We’d love to hear from you - Share your PGHDNA through our CONTACT US LINK!

Thank you for being a part of PGH DNA!